In October 2003 we launched The Fitness Edge Swim Club, a parent-based club that is overseen by the swim school staff. The success of the Swim Club has been nothing short of wonderful. We now have just over 100 members and the numbers continue to grow.

Open to all Fitness Edge swim school members, the Swim Club is run by parents and supported by Ryde-Eastwood Leagues club.

Swim meets are held one Friday night a month from 6pm until 6:45 pm. Swimmers learn how to race in a fun environment that focuses on individual improvement and rewards those that record personal best times. It is great practice for the school swimming carnival. For our well-known swimmers such as Stephanie Rice, Libby Tricket and Grant Hackett, club swimming was the first step in their Olympic journey. If you would like to join us and put all of those newly learned swimming skills to the test, please see the swim school office staff for more details.

The cost is a $10 a year for the swimmer.

So come and have some fun!